Masterclass Al-Andalus

Masterclass Al-Andalus


Masterclass Al-Andalus is a ten-day international violin masterclass designed for violinists who are pursuing high-level performing careers.  Led by eminent American violinists and pedagogues David Russell and Andrés Cárdenes, participants will have opportunity to perform in public masterclasses and concerts in several historic locations, while experiencing immersion and insight into one of the world's most ancient cultures.


The 800-year period of Islamic Rule in Spain--then known as al-Andalus--was a time when diverse cultures thrived. Building upon a decree of co-existence between the three major religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam), as well as the later Gypsy culture, the people of Al-Andalus created one of the greatest artistic civilizations in the history of the world, one whose influence on Western Classical Music continues to be felt into the present day.

Cultural and educational presentations, created and overseen by Maria del Carmen Garcia Montañés (pianist, specialist in foreign languages, and native of Alcalá la Real), will supplement the masterclass, and reveal aspects of the Andalusian legacy, by immersion in the life of Alcalá la Real, a key site on the Ruta de Califato.


Masterclass Al-Andalus participants will live in the Convent Monjas Trinitarias, in the outskirts of the town of Alcalá, in the area known as Fuente del Rey, in the region of Jaen, Spain.  Five masterclasses, two concerts, and other special events will be offered in several locations within the city.  Tours of historic sites within Andalusia including Granada's Alhambra, and Córdoba's 8th century Mezquita Mosque, and Alcalá la Real's Medieval fortress "La Mota",  will immerse each participant in the unique history and culture of Andalusia. Flamenco performances, and several other surprises await the participants of this most unique masterclass.

Masterclass Al-Andalus would like to express deep gratitude to the honorable Mayor of Alcalá la Real, Carlos Antonio Hiojosa Hidalgo, as well as the Excelentísimo Ayuntamiento de Alcalá la Real, for their invaluable assistance in making  Masterclass Al-Andalus possible. 


Site of Gala Concert:  Antiguo Convento de la Trinidad